About Us

About Life’s Great Apparel 


Life’s Great Apparel is the brand of choice for individuals striving for success as our concepts and designs focus on the themes of achievement, dreams, and hope. Our clothing is for those who are taking steps towards their goals, and our customers are people who are forward-thinkers and optimistic in nature—glass-is-half-full kind of folks. Here at Life’s Great, we believe in the power of positive thinking. Our tanks and tees are for dreamers and doers, big or small, who also believe that our thoughts, words, and vibrations are what form and shape our own realities. It’s for those who want to believe that Life’s Great, for those who need the occasional light-hearted reminder—and for those who don’t believe all this, heck, it’s still cool apparel! We work to create tee shirts people love and are proud to wear. 


“Inspiring people to become their greatest version” is our mission statement; for this reason, 10% of Life’s Great Apparel’s profits go to supporting women and children.


Life’s Great is new, so there are a limited number of items in stock; however, each month more items are added, to be sure to check back to see our latest collection. Get excited to grow with us. 




Jesse Rovero

Founder of Life’s Great


About Our Founder, Jesse Rovero 


It all began one summer morning in 2014 when Jesse Rovero, who was working as a painting contractor at the time, went for a run donning a Life is Good tee shirt. When he finished, he was feeling great, looked down, and thought, “This isn’t cutting it.”


In that moment, Rovero became inspired to create Life’s Great Apparel with designs people were passionate about; however, he faced a minor set-back when he discovered that “Life’s Great” was trademarked.


Although he was reluctant to do so, it was around this time he purchased his first smartphone, the LG2, which came with all three songs by the Vienna Boys’ Choir. One of these songs was named “Life is Good.”


Rovero says, “Here’s where it gets weird—bear with me. Spirit hacks my phone, and the ‘Life is Good’ song would randomly start playing on my phone. I didn’t think anything of this at first, just a little coincidence. But then it kept happening more and more frequently. I checked my phone settings and I couldn't account for it; plus, I had a cover for my phone, so I ruled out accidental dialing. The song played so often it was annoying! Finally, I looked up to the sky and said, ‘Alright, I'll do it. I will file for a trademark someone else already has and it's in your hands.’”


After years of waiting, Rovero was granted the trademark on December 6, 2016. “The timing was perfect, and I met all the right people along the way. It was pure fate,” he admonishes.


Rovero has fostered a life-long love of meditation and self-improvement, and is a self-described spiritual person. He has spent the past two and a half decades reading literature and source material on these topics to better develop his understanding of himself as well as the world around him. Life’s Great Apparel is his passion project.