Gabrielle Martin on May 10th 2021


Gabrielle Martin

Manifestation is defined as an action, event, or object that embodies something, oftentimes an abstract idea, but in a spiritual sense, manifestation is the practice of regular meditation or mindfulness as a means of bringing about desired changes to one’s situation or life.

Like the Law of Attraction, this belief suggests our energies, efforts, and thoughts can create and impact our realities—and I for one appreciate the assumption that we have the free will to direct and guide our lives into the directions we wish to take it. It’s the power of positive thinking! But the heart of this practice, manifestation is all about developing constructive, positive thoughts and engaging with them on a regular basis.

This month, I propose we all engage in an exercise of attentiveness to ourselves, to our desires and needs and wants. Learn to differentiate them, and furthermore, work on understanding our individual intentions: what is the reason we desire or need or want the things we desire or need or want? Is there an element of selfishness? It is a self-serving interest? Would these changes we wish to see come to fruition harm or help others? What will be gained from achieving this manifestation?

This practice also helps us gain better insight into ourselves, as self-awareness is a difficult but important virtue. Manifestation is more than wishful thinking—it’s a conscious choice to devote time to a dream or goal, to improving our lives, and in doing so, improving ourselves. It’s an act of self-exploration as well as a motivational tool.


  • You don’t want to manifest negative thoughts, so I avoid manifesting when I’m feeling irritable, sad, or stressed.
  • I like to practice manifestation before I get out of bed in the morning and before I go to sleep at night; other optional places to practice include car rides, commutes, hikes or walks, while showering or making dinner…
  • Do this for a few minutes each morning or evening this month and reflect on the results.
  • This practice can be something shared with a friend, sibling, parent, or partner. Manifest together, express together, become better together!
  • I like to end manifestations with a reflection on how the things I am seeking will also serve others: for instance, I think self-love is a means to better loving others. In the event of personal gain, I would look for opportunities to give back and enable others to succeed.

Life's great. Make the most of it and start manifesting! Who knows what the next chapter will hold when we put our minds to it?