Summer Solstice Celebrations

Gabrielle Martin on Jun 10th 2021

“Summer Solstice Celebrations”

Gabrielle Martin

On June 20, earthlings who live in the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the summer solstice, an occasion with an assortment of time-honored traditions that herald in the start of summer.

In a scientific sense, the solstice is set apart because it’s the 24-hour period in our orbit around the sun where the Northern Hemisphere experiences the most sunlight (while the Southern has the least). In a spiritual sense, the solstice shifts us towards a period of action, growth, movement, and warmth. While winter tends to be a more dormant and sedate time, summer is all about adventure and exploration—venturing out rather than settling in.

This summer solstice in particular, we’re also beginning to see the light at the end of the proverbial pandemic tunnel: once again, we’re able to venture out and about! I suggest we all take this occasion to celebrate—outfitted in our favorite Life’s Great apparel, of course, to get the good vibes going! Here are some suggestions how:

  • Starting with the simplest of all, spend time outside: go for a bike ride, have a barbecue or a bonfire, hit the local farmer’s market, take a walk around the block or pick a hike and pack a picnic!
  • Make a summer-centric meal featuring fresh fruits or vegetables that are coming into season (bonus points for getting ingredients at the local farmer’s market or GIY—Growing It Yourself).
  • Make a summer bucket list to get stoked for the season!
  • Meditate. As stated earlier, while winter is often a time of inward reflection and introspection, summer is a season of adventure and outward expansion—which is what makes the summer solstice is a great time to practice mindfulness.

    Reflect on questions like, What did we learn in the winter? How have we changed since last summer? How do we position ourselves now in the world? How do we plan to navigate the future? What do we hope to find this summer? How can we practice self-betterment?
  • Pick wild flowers and arrange a beautiful bouquet to brighten up an interior space.

Happiest of solstices, folks: take this occasion to celebrate the greatness of life, the passage of time, and the prospect of a brighter tomorrow. Here's to the summer, and here's hoping it's better than the last!